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After we finally realized what was happening to my Dad, our number one priority was to keep him in his own home. This meant making changes to my parent's existing home. Blackstone Williams (Home Advocates) helped us to install bathroom safety bars and outside ramps so that he could easily come and go from his own home. Blackstone Williams (Home Advocates) was a great resource for us because we were just so overwhelmed. They gave us support in showing up when they said there were going to, getting the work done on time and always respecting the environment of the home.
It was also so important for my Mom to still feel some control, as though she still had a voice and a vote in decision making regarding my Dad. BW was patient and always listened to her needs and wishes. They seemed to understand the difficulties we were all facing.
Sue, South Natick, MA
BW Home Advocates Member Since April 2017
"I became a member of Blackstone Williams Home Advocates because I don't have the time to care for my home the way that it needs.
They completed several projects, including power washing my house. Their technician was a very nice guy, and he delivered both on time and on schedule as predicted.
I really like the idea of having a menu of items to review and the options get the work done. 'Here is what's wrong, here is the cost, here is the timing…' - all in an email so it is clearly stated and communicated.
Blackstone Williams Home Advocates is a serious business, and they take caring for their client's homes very seriously, they do an outstanding job."
-Jerry, Wellesley, MA
BW Home Advocates Member Since May 2017