When you join the Blackstone Williams Home Advocates Community, our technicians will conduct a Total Home Evaluation. This gives us an extensive understanding of the health of your home and allows us to save time to serve you more efficiently.

This process involves the evaluation of your property including:

  • Imminent safety issues
  • Home maintenance and modification needs
  • Short term and long term projects
  • Frequency of Blackstone Williams Home Advocates' visits
  • Short term home lease management
  • Sale preparation

Roof to basement and everything in between, you get a complete status and forecast of your property. Our experts make note of every detail, including make, model and serial numbers.

T.H.E. - Total Home Evaluation
Membership Levels

Retaining Home Advocartes will help your family inordinately as circumstances change through illness or age. Upon joining Home Advocates we become the single point of contact for all of the services your home provides.

What you get: Our Total Home Evaluation comes with each level of Home Advocates Membership outlined below.